The Stage 5 Kit is for the ultimate Ford Bronco 4×4 prerunner and chase setup. This kit is capable of 17″ to 19″ front and 17″ rear suspension travel, depending on tire size and other factors. The 4×4 “backup” will get you (or others) out of almost any situation. Limit straps set the maximum droop and prevent shock and axle damage when drooping out your suspension.


We strongly recommend professional installation and setup for optimal performance and safety. (Bronco Factory)


Swing Steering is highly recommended when running 35″ or 37″ tires.



The Cut N’ Turned Dana 44 TTBs are available as 4.5″ or 3″ extended per side, are equipped with 1″ uniballs and 4340 Chromoly Currie axles for reliable performance. Fiberglass front fenders are required.



The Deaver Q80 progressive leaf springs in the rear are paired with our Q80 Shackle Conversion Kit. The rear shocks are mounted to a W-I-Y Under-the-Bed shock mount.

Solo Stage 5 Front/Rear Ultimate Long-Travel Suspension Kit

SKU: K-F02-STAG5-001
    • Front suspension travel approx.: 17-19 in
    • Rear suspension travel approx.: 17 in
    • Front track width (wms to wms): 88-90 in depending on wheel specs.
    • Rear track width: Currie 40-spline Full-Floater: 71 in wms to wms (highly recommended)
    • Front and rear suspension lift approx.: 4 in
    • Recommended tire size: 35 or 37 in
    • Fiberglass required Front: Yes
    • Fiberglass required Rear: No (if you are using stock width rear end)