These are a must if you are installing an interior roll cage in your Bronco such as our WIY Bronco Roll Cage. These 6061 Aluminum body mounts are machined to replace your old worn out factory vulcanized rubber body mounts.


The reason for running aluminum body mounts on your Bronco with an interior roll cage is to keep the body from moving around inside and most important is that any plate work connecting the body to the roll cage has a tendency to crack on the factory sheet metal side of the welded plate work.


This creates cracks and noises when going over bumps or driving off road. Lower body washers are zinc plated to resist rust and are 1/4″ thick. All 1/2″ hardware is Grade 8.

Solo Solid Body Mounts / Ford Bronco

SKU: P-F02-SLDBM-001
    • 6061 Aluminum Body Mounts
    • 1/2″ Grade 8 hardware
    • 1/4″ thick zinc plated lower washers