Have you ever been in your Ford Bronco or F-Series Truck and had to open the window to open the door from the outside? Then the Solo Door Handle Reinforcement Plate is the product for you!


Many Ford OBS trucks and Broncos develop cracks in the door’s sheet metal over time, which makes it impossible to properly mount the door handle mechanism.


This 14-gauge reinforcement plate solves your problem and works on severely cracked doors.


Solo designed this plate for easy installation. It is CNC laser cut and bent for a precise fit every time. No welding needed and rivets are included.


Simply remove your door panel and handle, set the reinforcement plate in place, and rivet it on. You’ll be opening your door the proper way in a matter of minutes.

Solo Ford Door Handle Repair Plates

SKU: P-F99-DHFIX-003
    • Ford Bronco 1980-1996
    • Ford F-150 1980-1997 (including crew cab rear doors)
    • Ford F-250 1980-1997 (including crew cab rear doors)
    • Ford F-350 1980-1997 (including crew cab rear doors)