We deveolped this product after painting LOTS of STEEL-IT product.

MCRD PAINT SHAKER is very easy to use. Place the can in the shaker, tighten the wing nut by hand and place in SAWZALL. Mechanically shake the paint for 2 minutes! I reccomend pointing the can and sawzall to the ground. Parallel to your leg!


MCRD- Michael Cox Race Design

MCRD Paint Shaker

  • * STEEL-IT is actually made from 316L stainless steel ground flake. S.S. Is very heavy, which means it settles at the bottom of the can. 

    * It is recomended that you power shake the product for 2 mins prior to painting. 

    * If shaken by hand, it is approximately 10 mins of shake time to compare to the power shaker.

    *The MCRD PAINT SHAKER attached to any sawzall type reciprocating saw makes quick work of this job.

    * We have compared power shaken vs, hand shaken side by side and the result arer impressive. STEEL-IT sprays more even and comes out with a lot more oomph.

    * When power shaken the aerosol can sprays out every last drop of product and leaves a ton of pressure left in the can. Thus letting you know you got your moneys worth out of that can!